Bakery San Juan Bread

Here at Bakery San Juan, we are dedicated to quality, and passionate about bread. Our artisan selection of Northwest Multigrain, San Juan Sourdough, Country French,  and Il Pane Di Giovanni (our signature rustic Italian bread), reflect these high standards.  We bake various breads over the course of the week, so please check our schedule below. Challah hamburger buns are also available daily out of our freezer.

Our selection of bread comes out of the oven between 8a.m. and 11a.m.


Monday: Multigrain, Country French and Giovanni

Tuesday: Multigrain, Sourdough and Giovanni

Wednesday: Multigrain, Sourdough and Giovanni

Thursday: Multigrain, Sourdough and Giovanni

Friday: Multigrain, Challah, Pain au Levain and Giovanni